Wintersemester 2013/2014

1. Historical and Comparative Perspectives in Private Law
    La Porta, López de Silanes and Schleifer, The Economic Consequences of Legal Origins
    Wieacker, Foundations of European Legal Culture
2. Societal Order and Private Law
    Böhm, Privatrechtsgesellschaft und Marktwirtschaft, ORDO 17 (1966), 75-151
    Rawls, A Theory of Justice (Cambridge/MA, Harvard Univ. Press, 1990), chapter III:
The Original Position, pp. 118-192
3. The Limits of Instrumentalism: Formalism, Materialisation, Proceduralisation
    Wieacker, Das Sozialmodell der klassischen Privatrechtsgesetzbücher und die
Entwicklung der modernen Gesellschaft, 1963
    Habermas, Paradigms of Law, Cardozo Law Review 1995-1996, 771
4. Between Market and Hierarchy
    Macaulay, Non-Contractual Relations in Business – a Preliminary Study, 28 American
Sociological Review 55-67 (1963)
    MacNeil, Relational Contract: What We Do and Do Not Know, 3 Wisconsin Law Review
483-525 (1985)
    Williamson, Transaction-Cost Economics: The Gover­nance of Contractual Relations,
22 Journal of Law & Economics 233-261 (1979)
5. The Theory of the Organization
    Coase The Nature of the Firm, 4 Economica 386 (1937)
    v. Gierke, Die Genossenschaftstheorie und die deutsche Rechtsprechung (1887), S. 603-672
6. Organization and Public Goods
    Hall and Soskice, Intro to Varieties of Capitalism
    Vogel, Market for Virtue